Terms of Exchange


  1. Delivery Policy

RED DRAGON PAINT always aims to provide the best shipping service for all orders that customers place with us. The company supports nationwide delivery with a specific delivery policy as follows:


Area Delivery time
Urban 1-3 days, depends on the quantity of the order
Suburban 3-5 days, depends on the quantity of the order

** In case customers want Fast Delivery, please contact us by mobile: 0936 44 56 54. We will respond to the fastest demand for customers, but all costs incurred for Fast Delivery will be charged

  1. Warranty Policy

All Red Deagon Paint products are guaranteed for 2 years from the date of manufacture.

  1. Return policy

The company will support one-to-one exchange if the product is still in warranty, damaged or faulty due to the manufacturer. Please do not return any product purchased.

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