About Us

RED DRAGON PAINT CORPORATION was established in 2013, specializes in the development and distribution of paint products and surface coating materials using sophisticated German technology. Red Dragon Paint has spent nearly a decade researching, developing, and applying new technologies to the manufacturing process in order to increase product quality, features, and designs in order to achieve international fair competitiveness. We are proud to be a state-owned company with the vision and mission of growing the Red Dragon Paint brand and becoming Vietnam’s premier paint firm in the Asean market. Red Dragon Paint products are well-known to the constructor for being the sign of quality, reasonable pricing, and environmental friendliness, as they strictly comply with the requirements for quality management and production safety through the use of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 requirements. This is an accomplishment of a dedication to uphold the company’s basic values of defending values, assuring employee benefits, maximizing consumer benefits, and being responsible to society and the community.

The product lines that meet the quality criteria of the Red Dragon Paint brand have reached the market with outstanding features such as fast drying, high durability, convenience to use and especially ideal for climatic conditions in Vietnam. Many professions, including construction, home decoration, manufacturing, automobiles and motorcycles have entered user’s subconscious minds. The trust of customers contributes to the long-term success of the company. Currently, the Red Dragon Paint distribution system includes more than 50 agents in Ho Chi Minh City and covers all provinces and cities across the country for Gloss Paint 2K AUTO CLEAR555, ANTI-RUST PAINT, WATER-PROOFING PAINT. The staff and management team of Red Dragon have always valued and appreciated the trust that our customers have placed in our company during the past time. We are dedicated to maintaining high quality standards and providing dedicated service to consumers via all of the company’s products.