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1. Description:


RED DRAGON anti-absorbing and leaking primer is a product for:

    - Waterproofing, leaking to the plane as the floor, wall wood ...

    - Anti-rust for metals


The advantage: ultra-high protection, waterproof, heat and cold sustained, easy for construction and reasonable costs.

Color: Black

Capacity: 2kg, 4kg, 10kg

Expiration date: 5 years since manufactured


2. Application


RED DRAGON waterproof primer is applied mostly on surfaces which need to be protected from absorbing and leaking like floors, wooden wall, cracks, movement joints…


RED DRAGON waterproof primer also helps to anti-rust on metal surfaces like corrugated iron, boats, containers…



3. Directions For Use:


B1: Clean oil and dust. Make sure to clean the entire dust, old painting-layer…to get the best adhesion. (In case the surface is too dry or too absorbing, you should wet it before constructing)


B2: Stir continuously.


B3: Sweep 1 to 2 layers of RED DRAGON primer in 0.5kg/m2.

(If the liquid is too dense, mix it with paint or gasoline or solvent)


B4: Close carefully after used. Keep in cool place. Keep away from fire and children’s reach. 


4. Quality Indicator:


The standard of U.D COATING CO. LTD - THAILAND


Softening temperature  

  120 - 130 (degrees C)

The melted heat  

  150 - 160 (degrees C)


  0.95 +/- 0.02g/ml

Surface drying time

  2-5 minutes