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1. Product description:


AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT is a high quality paint from Thailand with improved, special formula which helps to reflect infrared rays and protect surface in a long term, suitable for hot and humid weather of Vietnam.

AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT consists of two components containing Acrylic Polyurethane polyol (component A) and Polyisocyanate (component B) for high gloss, non-yellowing, fast drying and weather resistant.

AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT not only creates a gloss effect of high aesthetic product but also limits color-fading from sunlight, waterproof, anti-dust, fungi and moss.



- Saves power for cooling devices such as air conditioners, fans, steam...

- Dry quick, non-yellowing, high gloss.

- High color-fastness, great under heavy weather.

- The coating is capable of preventing water-infiltration.

- Good anti-moss and mold

- Excellent anti-washout

- Resistance to alkalosis and highly salinization.

- Very good adhesion on a stable surface.

- Easy to apply and smooth paint film.

- The content of volatile organic substances is very low (less than 50g / L VOC, meet the requirements of environmental safety)

- Does not contain lead, mercury and other heavy metals.

Color: transparent

Capacity: 1 set of  AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT includes two components: Part A (1L) and Part B (0.25L)




2. Application:


2K AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT is ideal for exterior surfaces such as:

          - Plastered walls, brick walls

          - Concrete

          - Wood (primed)

          - Table gypsum, MDF panel


3. Usage:


B1: Clean grease and dirt on the surface before applying.


B2: Mix component A and component B in proportion 4:1, add more solvents to adjust viscosity.

(Use the gun to ensure all varnish is coated on the surface)


B3: Close tightly after used, stored in a cool dry place, away from the fire and reach of children.