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1. Description


2k epoxy primer is a 2-component coating line used as a primer to:

- Protection of metal surfaces, plated steel, concrete ...

- Anti-rust and corrosion for zinc metal ..

- Dedicated to metal objects in the house.


- Quick dry in any weather conditions

- Adhesion, toughness and durability

- Ability of resistance to environmental chemicals and fine salt

- Especially resistant to weather very high and do not need the second layer coating

Capacity: includes two major components

Ingredients A: 800g

Ingredients B: 200g


2. Application:


2k Epoxy primer rust primer RED DRAGON is ideal for indoor materials such as:

- Metal machinery, equipment, factory frame ..

- The frame of zinc, iron, stainless steel ...

- The metal household items.



3. Manual:


B1: Clean metal surfaces. Certainly clean and dry, free from dirt, oil and grease.


B2: Stir well before using.


B3: Mix rata

- For spray: 4 Part A Part B + 1 + 1 RED DRAGON Solvents

- For brush: 4 + 1, Part A, Part B (possibly extra solvent RED DRAGON)

* Time of the next coat: 8h


4. Storage:


Close the lid carefully after use

Preserved in a dry place, away from the fire and reach of children.

Expiry date: 24 months (from the date of manufacture).