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Iron is an easily-oxidized metal. We can see things made of iron around us will rust after using for a period of time. According to statistics, every year around the world there are millions of tons of iron and steel turned into rust. Iron is rust not only by the chemical activity of the iron itself, but also by other environmental conditions. Water is one of those conditions.




People have devised many methods to prevent rust for iron and steel. The most common method is to cover iron and steel objects with a "protective clothing". Coatings and plating are simple measures to prevent rust to iron. On the railway bridge for trains; in the hot air nozzle, is usually coated with aluminum powder coating sauce; on the tin containers, corrugated sheets shall be galvanized...


 RED DRAGON PAINT is pleased to bring protective paint lines to solve these problems:


- RED DRAGON rust protection paint: a primer line used for metal corrosion resistant...which is applied directly onto the windows, fencing, iron art furniture.


- RED DRAGON waterproof primer: a line primer used not only against leaking, leaking walls, floors ... but also for anti-rust for metals, used specifically for planes such as wooden walls, floors, cracks ... and interior items made from metal.