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Because maritime works regularly exposed to water, so they need a special protective coating. Before carrying out the constructions, investors should have a plan to protect the quality of maritime works to reach its best as always.



The types of maritime works require protection plans such as:


+ Seaport facilities.


+ The port facilities, buoys, navigable channels, maritime signals and water parks.


+ Works that expose directly to water such as bridges, power lines, cable cars, underground works, drilling, wind power, hydropower , thermal power and other similar works;


+ The construction that affects maritime activities.


For wooden ships, RED DRAGON PAINT offers:


+ Anti-fouling paint, dirt-resistance, highly protective, low power consumption (repaint after 12 months).


+ Epoxy filler replaces conventional rubber to improve the structure. 


For metal vessels, RED DRAGON PAINT offers:


+ Epoxy Primer resin-coal based.


+ Vinyl mediate- layer


+ Antifouling (repaint after 24 months).


On deck


+ Epoxy primer with high adhesion.


+ 2K PUR coatings excellent weather resistance and no yellowing.