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A construction does not only need to be invested on exterior design but also need to be closely taken care of the interior parts. There are 2 common designing trends for interior which are wooden and metal interior.


These wooden furniture are preferred because they brought an extremely warm feeling and a vintage beauty to the house. However, they are very susceptible to scratching and termites when they’re not kept carefully.



RED DRAGON PAINT now have built a great product line, dedicated to the protection of wooden furniture for your house. That is:

     2K AUTO CLEAR 555 gloss paint: used as finishing coating helps prevent scratches, fungus and bring aesthetic to product, which is used specifically for interior products like concrete brick wall, wood, MDF board ...




The second trend is metal furniture. Unlike wood, metal interior gives a luxurious and luxurious appearance to constructions. Because of such properties that they are applied in the construction of multi-office design, special projects. Metal can more durable wood in terms of time but is easily oxidized without protection paint. But where to find a kind of primer that can control the external effects to the interior, but also high reliability at low cost?




RED DRAGON PAINT is pleased to bring a solution to the above problems. That is:


   RED DRAGON primer: a primer line - used for materials corrosion resistant metal…applied directly onto the windows, fences, metal furniture.