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As life is developed, human’s needs are also upgraded. They don’t just want to eat but have to eat well. Clothes are not simply for covering their bodies any more, they also have to be nice and fashionable. Same as houses, they aren’t just a place to sleep, they are also a place for people to relax and chill after long working hours.  





It’s easy to see that household constructions nowadays all have their own unique and outstanding look. Not only the architecture is different, but also the construction materials are changing for better tendency. Scientists are continuously researching for the best materials for those constructions. Manufacturers are not hesitate in applying the most advanced technologies to get customer satisfactions. And here, we – RED DRAGON PAINT – are doing the same. With our professional technicians and series of high-technology machines, we are committed to deliver best products to our valued customers with the most reasonable cost.


It’s our pleasure - RED DRAGON PAINT – to provide series of products that are suitable for household construction:


- RED DRAGON Rust Protection Primer: helps prevent corrosion for metal product which will be applied directly on windows, fences, iron art furniture…


- RED DRAGON Waterproof Primer: not only to prevent leaking, absorbing for walls, floors…but also to resist rusting for metal which is specialized for surfaces like wooden walls, floors, cracks…and metal furniture.


- AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT:  used as finishing coating helps prevent scratches, fungus and create aesthetics for products, which is used specifically for interior products like concrete brick walls, wood, MDF board...