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RED DRAGON PAINT is popular in exterior paint with environmental friendly feature and suitable for exterior surfaces such as iron gates, fences, balconies, wrought-iron fence around the terrace ... RED DRAGON PAINT is very good on weather-resistant, anti-rusting, waterproofing with high coverage and easy usage.


RED DRAGON PAINT bring modern beauty and sophistication to your home thanks to the luxurious gloss which helps to adorn and preserve the beauty of your home. With durable and beautiful colors, your home will always be beautiful, pleasant and comfortable. That beauty will be preserved forever in years thanks to optimum protection features of RED DRAGON PAINT.




With extreme features on wood, metal, stone ... RED DRAGON PAINT will bring comprehensive solutions to decorate, protect and increase the value of your beloved home.


Most people prefer to choose the color of their home by their own, but the fact that this is not easy and can not be improvised. Please submit your request, your idea of a color theme of interest, designers, consultants will select a color scheme on this basis. RED DRAGON PAINT has very natural color and very easy to use . If you need special color, you can book in advance to have counselors, designed to meet the requirements of our honored guest.



Manual :


 - The painted surface must be clean, dry, no impurities reduce adhesion as flour, dust, grease or wax.


 - Use proper sandpaper, then wipe the dust.


 - If the surface is too dry and absorbent, should moisten by rolling roller moistened with clean water.


 - Use appropriate chemical surface treatment with moss


 - For the old surface of pollen, to remove the old paint film using the appropriate instruments before construction


 - Humidity below 16% of the surface under Protimeter moisture meter or to the dry wall surface from 21 to 28 days in normal conditions (average temperature of 300C, 80% relative humidity).


 - Handling of wall cracks thoroughly before construction


 - Construction of 3 layers for small cracks


 - Mixed paint mixture should be used within 2 hours and stirred well before using.






 - RED DRAGON PAINT is able to waterproof and prevent being blistered and sloughed, even when exposed to water early.


 - Anti-dust, resistant to extreme weather, keep the surface like new always.


 - Background color: elegant, natural, stable quality and non-fading.


 - Not flammable, not contain lead, mercury and other toxic substances, safe for users.




 - The surface must be dry before painting; no dirt, grease and old paint left.


 - The cracks should be filled with stucco.


 - Do not apply paint when the weather is too hot or humid, also when the wall surface is hot. 




 - Stir thoroughly before painting.


 - For special needs, added 5-10% clean water.


 - Use a brush or roller to coat 2 smooth layers.


 - Construct when it’s dry and the temperature is not over 35 degrees.


- Clean the tools with clean water.


 Safety information, health and environment


 - Keep away from food, drinks, animal feed and out of reach of children.


 - Construction in ventilated place. Avoid breathing vapor or spray. Should wear a mask while sanding.


 - In case contact with eyes, wash carefully by water and check with doctors. Use soap and water or detergent to wash the paint off the skin.


 - In case of spillage of paint, use sand or dirt to collect it, do not pour it into drains or water source.