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The economy booming has led to a major change in the face of the city. The skyscrapers along with the modern buildings, shopping centers ... had started to appear everywhere. We can easily spot these small scale to large scale construction everywhere.




The projects are designed increasingly sophisticated, more investment not only in architecture but also in quality. Investors are demanding the best material for his works. Understanding that customers' mind, RED DRAGON PAINT has applied the most advanced technology from Thailand to make the best product, at the forefront of quality and price.


RED DRAGON PAINT is pleased to offer the product line dedicated to the construction sites as follows: 


- RED DRAGON rust protection paint: a primer used for metal corrosion resistant ... which is applied directly onto the windows, fencing, iron art furniture.


- RED DRAGON waterproof primer: a primer line used not only to against leaking on walls and floors... but also to anti-rusting for metals, used specifically for planes such as wooden walls, floors, cracks ... and interior items made from metal.


- AUTO CLEAR 555 GLOSS PAINT: a gloss paint line used as finishing coating helps preventing scratches, fungus and bringing aesthetical to products, which is used specifically for interior products such as concrete walls brick, wood, MDF board ...