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I. Vision


Chemical Co., Ltd. Dragon Rouge wish to be one of the top enterprises in VietNam on Paint and Industrialized Chemical,also taking part in creating a  worldwide Vietnamese-brand in this field. 


II. Mission


- To the market:
With many years experienced in researching and developing the production and supply for paint and industrial chemicals, Ltd. Chemical Dragon Rouge is committed to providing high quality products, competitive price, professional services towards the absolute satisfaction of our customers.
- To distributors and partners:
Chemical Co., Ltd. Dragon Rouge has always put the long-term relationships with distributors and partners as well as their benefit and satisfactions first, take it as a basis for development goals of the company.
- To employees:
Chemical Co., Ltd. Dragon Rouge does not focus on expanding the number of employee but on the depth of knowledge, skills and their morality . The company focused on building a professional working environment, dynamic, creative and humanities; facilitating high-income and developing equitable opportunities for all employees.
- To society:
In order to create an effective business, Chemical Co., Ltd. Dragon Rouge had ensured the harmony between economic efficiency and social performance as the standard; positive contribution to the community-oriented activity, demonstrating the spirit of civic responsibility and pride in the nation.