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About Our Company


Chemical Co., Ltd. Dragon Rouge started its activities on the Vietnam market since 2013, headquarters located at No. 43D / 50 Ho Van Hue, Phu Nhuan District, HCMC . The company was founded by three Vietnamese and Thailand members - who had came up with the business ideas in the production of high-quality paint.
With the transfer of modern technology from Germany, Ltd. Chemical Dragon Rouge has introduced the 2K line of paint as paint ball AUTO CLEAR555, PRIMER rust, PAINT PROOFING. The company's products not only meet the high standards of quality as durable, quick-drying, easy to use but also very reasonable price ... Especially suitable for the climatic conditions of Vietnam, our products had earned every trusts in many builders, construction ... as well as in consumer confidence .
After 2 years of operation in the market, Ltd. Chemical Dragon Rouge have been used in various fields such as construction, interior, exterior, appliances, crafts, ... other areas such as industrial , automotive, machinery ...
Each product carries the style and culture of its own production company. With Chemical Co. Red Dragon, beside profit, quality is the most important thing. The Company's objective is to provide the market with a line of high quality paint, build a reputable brand contribute to serve the needs of the country and export to other countries such as Laos, Cambodia ... Our company currently has distribution network to 50 dealers in HCMC and other provinces across the country.


For further information please contact:
Chemical Co., Ltd. Dragon Rouge
Address: 43D / 50 Ho Van Hue, Phu Nhuan District, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Phone: 08 6683 7736 - Fax: 0838476899
Email: sonrongdo@gmail.com