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Customer satisfaction and product quality are always our best interest. Coating durability is guaranteed to meet required standards of quality and usage.

We're proud to introduce a product line with advanced technology which endure colour, stick surfaces and be friendly to the environment.


Identity preservation
Determined as a manufacturer and distributor focused business products to help maximize the benefits of our customers. With its experience and close relationships with suppliers, the company has created and maintains the prestige brand image, quality for product lines that the Company distributed to customers and agencies throughout VietNam.

Customers’ benefit had always been on top of our interest. That’s why we  focus not only on doing business but also building a stable long-term relationship with mutual benefit. A long-lasting relationship and your satisfaction are our ultimate goal. 


We always strive for the goal of building high-quality human resource, excellent experts and real talented leaders. Beside, the process of quality management has to be built on an unified, effective and continuously improved standard.  


Not only among the members within the company or the customer, team spirit must be expressed to share, connect, together complete the overall development goals of society and the country, promoting the good tradition, the honest living among people of our forefathers.